A new era in digital marketing

Target audience

Our digital managers will work closely with you to find the best target audience based on location, age group, interests, behaviors, and everything that lets you maximize the return you’re getting from your advertising campaign.

Any ad format

Whether it’s video ads, images, polls, slideshows, or any other type of ad, our managers will craft the perfect ad through a powerful mixture of visuals, copywriting, and messaging.

High-quality copy

Our professional copywriters will conduct in-depth research on your project and create niche-specific copy for your project or product. Whether it’s social media posts, blog posts, website copy, newsletters, or anything else your business needs copywriting for, we’ve got you covered.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook has a massive audience where projects in the blockchain space can easily drive views to their products and initiatives. They’re one of the most cost-effective tools for driving traffic and increasing online engagement.
That’s why making sure your Facebook advertising is done well is key to optimizing your budget, growing your audience, and improving sales.
At Hypency, you will be paired with your own Ad Manager that will help you target specific audiences that bring you the highest results possible. 


The Benefits of Digital Advertising

Digital ads are less expensive and more efficient than traditional advertising.

Ads can be targeted specifically to your target market.

Digital ads are more engaging and eye-catching.

You can build better brand awareness and encourage user interaction with digital ads.

Smart ads create a positive image for your brand.