It’s time to propel the growth of your NFT project.

With Hypency, you’ll be working with the best of the best when it comes to building and maintaining your social presence, creating a strong, robust community, and generating the most revenue from around your NFT collection. 


Our services

Social media management

Social media management is all about getting you in front of the people you want to reach in a cost-effective way, while you’re sitting back and watching the results come in. For any NFT project or collection that wants to show itself to the world and let its voice be heard, social media management is an absolute must.

Twitter & discord shilling

If you want to attract a massive amount of attention to your project, your Twitter & Discord promotion campaigns will be the key to victory. We’ll be here to support you at every step of the way, from tailoring your messaging to finding your promoters and managing their campaign across the two platforms.

Collaboration setup and much more!

We’re seasoned professionals that can either take control of the whole process or only check in with you to discuss the results we’ve achieved. Either way, collaborating with us is an effortless, straightforward, and enjoyable process.

Discord buildout

Your Discord server will be the main social hub of your project. It’s where your fans and users will go to learn more about you, your team, and your collection. That’s why we’re here to make sure your Discord is built in a user-friendly, approachable manner.

Moderator hiring

Once your Discord is built, the job of a moderator is to oversee the user experience and resolve internal community issues. We’ll be tasked with finding the best moderator, one that will genuinely believe in your project and happily engage with your community.

Influencer campaigns

Influencer campaigns allow you to tap into both a wide base of millions of users or a very specific niche. By choosing the best influencers from our wide network and managing your influencer campaign, we don’t just expect that your project will grow – we guarantee it.

Mass Email Marketing

We will send mass emails multiple times per month to over 40,000 known nft buyer email addresses to bring organic traffic to your discord!

custom discord bot installment

We can build various bots for your server including a twitter raid bot, a wallet verification bot, a sales/listing bot and a rarity tool bot!

custom web 3 games

We can make you custom games for your project that can be played with both the currency of the blockchain you are launching on or your own custom token.

These games include casino games like black jack, roulette, dice, coin flip, and even a live auction or raffle site. Each game will be completely customized and designed to match your specific project!